About us

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Mydecolab.com has been created to help people who move in to decorate their home interior.


  • A browser and a web assistant to help you  in your decoration shopping

Mydecolab allows you to find easily and quickly furniture or decoration ideas for your home. Instead of surfing on unnumerous decoration websites, you will now be able to have an overview of the main decoration brands throughout the world, thanks to our unique website. With its powerful filters and its diversified catalogue, Mydecolab commits to helping you to find, in a few minutes,what you have been hunting for ages.
  • 3D tool

You have eventually found what you were looking for, but you still have some doubt: will it fit in your living-room? Will colors and style match with your interior? Mydecolab solves all these questions for you, providing 3D technology. You will now be able to try out your furniture, your wallpaper or your deco products directly inside your room, before you have even paid for anything. You will then be perfectly sure that the product you picked is the good one.
  • A powerful community

We place a great importance in our community of users. First, we really listen to our costumers' needs, giving them the ability to 'like' products, talk about pros and cons and how to ameliorate any inconvenience. Second, we think that users are the most experimented to share their decoration ideas with us. We really encourage them to share their pictures, articles or decoration advice with us. We tend to create a interacting community, so we can be as close as we can to our costumers.


Our Blog

Mydecolab blog has been created as a lively platform of interaction, so that people can share ideas, like articles or talk about their experience. Some articles are posted weekly, to be kept update about new trends or interesting events. You will learn more about unknown artists, architects, designers and discover original places, which could be a very good source of inspiration for your home.


Founder - Clothilde Nouvian -  speech

"After I moved in and out many times, I eventually got my own place. I have always been very attracted by nice interiors, this is why I wanted furniture that I liked. However, I wanted it to fit in my Parisian flat and not over-budget. The hardest part was to hunt my stuff in dozens of websites and to measure again and again any corner of my place. I thus decided to create a platform that would make it easier to look for decoration & furniture. Since then, gathering every decoration brand and providing a 3D tool were ideas that grew in my mind. I started Mydecolab blog in 2013 and created the website in 2014. As a decoration addict, I promise you that, my staff and I, will do everything to guide you best in your home decor shopping."