Classic vs. Modern - Let's mix everything!

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Like in Art or in Literature, Modern and Classic each have their supporter in Decoration. But unless the other arts, with decoration you can match both of them in one same room. Surprising results guaranteed...

Classic Interior and Modern Decor

‘Le Mobile’ by Xavier Veilhan, Château de Versailles, motorized painted steel mobile.

Furniture from Moustache, source

The Parisian apartment of Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac, source.

A holiday house in New York,
Inson Dubois Wood.

An ancient apartment in Italy.

(Warren Platner Armchairs)
An Haussmannian apartment with ultra-modern decoration, source.
(Embryo Chair)

Modern Interior and Classic Decor

A London loft which mix an industrial-style and ancient furniture

A Parisian loft and its neo-classic decoration, source

Louis XV sofa in a modern interior, source

English cabinet by designer Jaime Belew, source

A softer solution: just bring a touch of modernity to your ancient furniture...


Well, for or against that mix of styles?

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